"Friends of the Starfighter" was officially founded in Bodø january 16, 2003. The goal of the association is to take care of the "Starfighter-history" in Norway and to support the work in getting CF-104D,637 back in the air again.

If you ever visit airshows in Norway or elsewhere in Europe, the most common airplanes to watch are state of the art jets, or propeller airplanes, old as well as modern ones. Just a few years ago, the F-104 used to be a frequent participant in airshows all over Europe. The Italian airforce has now taken its Starfighters out of service. If we succeed in the struggle of getting 637 airborne again, she could soon be the sole 104 left flying in Europe.

A project like this requires great resources, both tecnically qualified personell and a certain economical strength. Preliminary checks of 637 clearly indicates that this airplane is in a very good tecnical condition. Rick Svetkoff and his dedicated team has already prooven that keeping 104's flying is possible."Friends of the Starfighter" has established a close cooperation with Rick and his team. As a matter of fact, Rick Svetkoff and Thomas Delashaw were both present in Bodø at the foundation of the association.

We have all the personell requiered for the job, the greatest task will be of economical nature. Friends of the Starfighter will be the cornerstone in this work. In order to succeed, we need your help. Membership fees alone will not get 637 airborne. However, your contribution of NOK300,- will give "Friends of the Starfighter" strength and a greater chance to reach our goal.

Boardmembers, Feb 2020

  Helge Andreassen 

Espen Johansen 

Syver Leivestad
Per-Axel Hoftun
Kåre Birger Pedersen
Frode Lenning
Morten Brurberg

Olav Aamoth
Knut Martin Waage

Terje Busterud, tbuster@online.no takes care of the member-registry. Adress; Jon Klæbos vei 8A, 8019 Bodø, Norway. If you send a mail to Per-Axel, please send a copy to Terje as well.


You are all invited to join "team 637".

Contact us on cf104d.637@gmail.com