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North American Eagle
The Starfighteren shal beat another speedrecord ...On land

F-104C in Southeast Asia, by T. Delashaw e M. Bovanko-vich (from F-104 italian site)

Norwegian Aviation Museum

SR-71 visiting Bodø

International F104 Society

The worlds fastest

Einar Johannessen,
airshow 1964

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•Olaf Aspen
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The Starfighter flys again!

After more than 13 years of relentless work from the group, the Starfighter was given permission to fly. They did not waste a minute.
Go to Facebook or watch on YouTube


GKN Aerospace has renewed its sponsorship

The first pilots to fly the
F-104 at Bodø in 1963

Reunion at the 50 year aniversary of the F-104 phase in at Bodø. The original pilots with instructors.

The Martin Baker ejection seats installed in LN-STF 2-3.July

Testing of M-11 thrusters


M-11 thrusters before and after fireing.

M11 before firing
M11 after use

Modification from C-2 to IQ7A

Helge Andreassen in cockpit

Today the first installation of the Martin Baker IQ7A was performed in LN-STF/637 The modification work from C-2 to IQ7A will soon be completed. The new seats are expected to be installed in May.

Annual meeting and jubilee

This years annual meeting takes place at Bodø Airbase on March 15. We will also celebrate the 10. anniversary of "friends of the Starfighter". It will be possible to stay over night at the base.

A word from our sponsor


Remember the annual meeting

Annual meeting takes place in Bodø 23. March.
If you need information contact us on

board by 2012


Testpilot Eskil Amdal
pays a visit

Eskil Amdal
Eskil Amdal

R.No.AF testpilot, Major Eskil "TAZ" Amdal paid us a visit 18. January. Major Amdal has broad experience as a pilot and testpilot and has also spent 3 years in RAF as an exchange pilot flying Tornados.


Merry Christmas to all

Friends of Starfighter wishes all of our members and friends A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2012 seems to be an exciting year for all of us. Will we finally manage to get 637 airborne this coming year? The people in Bodø are optimistic.


Pyros for the MB-seats

After much struggle and hard work we have finally succeeded in obtaining the pyros for over MB-seats.
A very costly obstacle has been passed.

Ownership 637

To day, 25.nov. 2010, we finally received the message that we have been waiting for the last two years. USA has approved the transfer of ownership of CF-104D/104637 from the RNoAF to Friends of Starfighter Norway. With this major obstacle cleared, the road to civil registration of the aircraft lays open. A major milestone has been passed.


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Oddmund Olsen has produced this masterpiece model of 637 in scale 1:48. Congratulations Oddmund.

A key contributor

The technologi company Tronrud Engineering, Hønefoss, has been supporting FoS since the beginning.
The cooperation is now beeing strenghted. This will generate a substantional economic support for the 637 project.


Clarence L. ”Kelly” Johnson

Saturday 27th. February 2010 marks the 100 year anniversiary for the birth of the the legendary Kelly Johnson. As chief engineer of the famous “Skunk Works” plant of Lockheed,

Kelly wrote his name in gold in the history of aviation for designing, among many other airplanes, the F-104 and the U-2, two airplanes that also links Norway to his name.
Of airplanes developed during the Cold War, nothing comes close to what came out of the brain and hands of Kelly Johnson.

In 1964, Kelly Johnson was awarded the Medal of Freedom. the highest civil honour the President can bestow.
For more facts about Kelly Johnson, follow the links below;



26. oktober
766 is back

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What is new are navigation lights left/right on fuselage and tiptanks pluss a static light where the rotating beacon used to be. All lit up by a lightsensor

An HGU-26P Starfighter hjelmet of the era and an MBU-5 oxsygen mask are placed in the cockpit. Actually, parts of the helmet should have been fitted with protective felt, standard since 1976, but I didnt have any. The helmet and mask were mine, and have been permanently donated to the gatekeeper.

A mechanic hand has also been fitted, to make it look like the pilot is giving his salute to passing cars and people standing near by. Both the hand and the ligts have been pretested, but are not yet fully connected. Photos taken October 26.
Tom Svendsen.


15. september
Starfighter at Kjeller
released from gatekeeper-duty

Friday sept 11. 2009 Starfighter 766 was taken down from its post as gatekeeper at Kjeller.

The fighter will receive a new colourscheme true to the green/gray look from its service days. The non genuine F-104 marking at the tail will be replaced with the original serial 766 as standard at 334 squadron.
The paintwork will be undertaken by the paintshop at FLO/LHK at Kjeller and is due for completion by october 5. 2009. There are also plans to fit nav-lghts on it to brighten the night sky,

Photo series

31. august
Airshow at Rygge

Tom Svendsen has uploaded pictures from this years airshow at Rygge. No F-104, regretfully, this year, but lots of other eyecandy. Flying - Static

17. august

NB; Friends of The Starfighter has got a new accountant.
His name is Per-Axel Hoftun. Adress; Louise Engens vei 51, 8073 Bodø, Norway.

Terje Busterud, takes care of the member-registry. Adress; Jon Klæbos vei 8A, 8019 Bodø, Norway. If you send a mail to Per-Axel, please send a copy to Terje as well.

7. may 09
Martin Baker
and a full 200hr.

John Martin Skogøy and Terje Gulbrandsen in action
Photo: Ragnar Westskogen

Three of our dedicated men visited Denmark during week 18. The mission was to bring home valuable parts needed for the Martin Baker modification. The parts are now in Norway and the modification will start during the coming fall.
At present time, 637 is undergoing a full 200-hrs check. We are in a situation were good progress is being made.
A great “thanks” to our friends in the Danish Airforce for the fantastic support given to the 637-project.

27. february 09
New Starfighter-calendar
F-104 calendar is now for sale.
The calendar (norwegian) comes in glossy A-3 format and
cost NOK 150,-. pluss shipment.

You can order it from
Tom Arhem


26. august 08
Another successfull taxitest

Another successful taxitest completed today. The main purpose was a check of the nw-steering system.
A short run in AB also went well. The testing was terminated in pouring rain. 637 will now be taken through a full 200-hrs check. During this check the work with installing a VHF- radio, VOR, transponder and GPS will be completed. The problem concerning seats/pyros has not been solved as of today, but we do feel confident this will be solved. In the cockpit to day; Helge Andreassen and lt.col Bård Solheim. Photo collection

26. august 08
CF-104 755

This CF is located at Kjeller, close to Oslo. The airplane is in good condition. Jan Kennth Furulund is one of our members maintaining 755. The el-system is checked without remarks.
Maybe one day the engine would be started? Even though we don’t plan to fly 755, the sound of the J-79 would be appreciated.

15. june 08
Bodø Air Show - Takeoffroll!

Klick on image to see film
If film does not play, download linked file.

6. juni 08

Klick on image to see film
If film does not play, download linked file.

The first taxitesting was performed today.

In the cockpit were Helge Andreassen and Tor-Ulve Johansen

The total taxidistance was app. 8 km and three stops were made for check of hydraulic leaks and braketemperature. The test was terminated with engine run up to 100% RPM followed by a  15 sec run in full AB. The test was a success. More testing will be performed Friday june13th with higher speeds and test of the dragchute.
See pictures.

CF104 870 is ready for the public. The airplane will be on display in Bodø saturday 7.june promoting the upcoming airshow in Bodø 14-15th of june.
The airplane looks fantastic and shows what our dedicated members can produce out of what was concidered a wreck.

10. mars 08
Gathering for photo 334-sqn

We have received a photo of the members of 334 squadron, probably shot in 1974. Then starts the job of finding the identity of each face. Do you recognise any of your own, please send name and coordinate. We will start filling in.

Click on image for fullsize-version

16. january 08
5-year anniversary

16.1.08 marks the first five years of ”friends of starfighter”.
We are pursuing our goal which is to make sure that the “starfighter-story” in the RNo.A.F. is never to be forgotten and secondly; make 637 fly again. We are proud of what has been achieved during these five years.
Helge A.

24. september 07
Full afterburner!
Watch video from Norwegian TV, NRK

Another milestone passed. The first full AB testing is completed without any problems at all. The nozzle worked fine in manual as well automatic schedule. The aircraft had to be tied down by steel cable.

NRK TV got it all on tape, it will be on national TV Friday 28.sep or Friday thereafter.

Authentic sound

10. september 07
The first engine start in Bodø!

To start a jetengine is a daily routine for many these days. But cranking a J-79, which has been resting in a museum the last 25 years is definitely a bit different and exiting affair.

This important milestone for project "637" took place at Bodø Airstation at time15:40 this sunny afternoon. It is with great pride we announce that the startup went perfectly well. The light up was smooth and the engine stabilized itself within normal idle values. This is a "zeroed" engine, fully prepared for storage. White smoke during the first light up is normal, so also during this start.

Max RPM reached this afternoon was 85%, enough to produce the famous 104-sound. In the cockpit to day was our nr.1 J-79 "doctor"; Thor Ulve Johansen. The crew-chief was Oddmund Bjørnaali assisted by Jan Ivar Johansen. A great number of local 104-members showed up and after engine shut down there were handshakes and a few teardrops.

There will be more testing in the near future including full A/B runs. The aftsection will be installed when engine tests are completed. We are not airborne yet, but we sure made a big step forward this afternoon!

Watch film 75MB

4. september 07

We are in the final stage of rigging the engine of 637. The first engine start is scheduled in the near future. Above: Jan Ivar Johansen and Bjørn Ivar Lia, under: Kjell Elvemo.

25 - 26 aug 07
Rygge Air Show 2007

Friend of Starfigher had a well visited stand at Rygge during these two sunny days. Numerous visitors stopped by. The airshow turned out to be a great success. New members were recruited and the sale of 104-articles went well.

7-8 july 07

Our four travelling ambassadeurs, Olaf Aspen, Ragnar Westskogen, Erik Dahlen and Terje Gulbrandsen, were present at the annual airshow at Duxford. Duxford has the main fokus on WW2 aircraft. The 104 is a "high-tech" machine in this invironment. Anyway, arranging a stand outside Norway, is very positive and we say thanks to our four guys for a job well done. Our representatives also paid North Weald a visit were the museum arranged a special opening for the norwegian visitors.

20 june 07
Big celebration in Bodø

Under the presence of many war veterans on Tuesday 19.6.07, a true copy of a Spitfire Mk IX was officially inaugurated at the HQ of 132 Airwing in Bodø. The Spit is a true copy of a Mk IX buildt in fibreglass and is mounted on pole at the airstation. Lt.gen(ret) Wilhelm Mohr, age 90 and former squadron leader of 332 Sqd, when based at North Weald, UK, during the war, had the honour of leading the ceremony.
Friends of Starfighter did a great job in preparing and mounting the airplane on the pole. Our deputy leader, Mr. Arne Qvam, conducted the band playing on this occasion. Photo collection

19 june 07
J-79 reinstalled

The engine for 637 is under reinstallation. We still have a few technical obstacles to solve before we are fully ready for selection of fuel and ignition ON. If all problems will be solved before our keen group of technicians heads on for summer holidays, remains to be seen.

2-3. june 07
Sola Airshow

The airshow at Sola, Stavanger, turned out to be a great success. The weather was perfect and the crowd could enjoy a wide variety of airplanes including an old Bleriot as well as the latest Eurofighter and the Swedish JAS. The local paper, Stavanger Aftenblad, covered the show in detail. Our "stand leader", Terje Gulbrandsen was interviewed on WEB-TV. CF-104 730, which normally is on display at the local museum, was used as"eye catcher" for our stand. Many members as well as other visitors came by to visit. The sale of caps, t-shirts and our new 104-pin went excellent. Photo collection


13. may 07
Kjeller, sunday 13. may 2007

During the "open day" at Kjeller, R.No.AF maintenance base situated just north of Oslo, Friends of Starfighter was present with CF-104 755. This starfighter is looking just great thanks to Erik Nærby and his team. 755 was "armed" with AIM-9s on the catamaran launcher as well as on pylons. Erik Dahlen, former F-104 pilot 331Sqd, was in charge of our stand. Many visitors came by asking questions. The F-104 is still an eyecather!


28. april 07
Eggemoen April 28th

Around forty members joined in this Saturday at Tronrud Engineering, Eggemoen. They were informed about the status of our "union" of 104-enthusiast as well as the status of 637. The number of people who are supporting the Starfighter history as well as keeping the "flying 104 project" alive, is increasing . As far as 637 is concerned, things are moving in the right direction. The new hydraulic lines, of F-16 quality, are being installed these days. Engine start is scheduled in about a month. We are also receiving valuable support from Denmark were a substantial amount of old 104 spare parts are still in stock.

Per Strømmen with his beautiful T-33 T-bird in 718 Sqd. markings

During the meeting at Eggemoen, Ola Tronrud, owner and CEO Tronrud Engineering, released his visions and plans for this area which is being developed into a high-tech industrial site with waste impact on the whole region.

We also were given the opportunity to enjoy the "cream" of the Norwegian jet-model enthusiast in action this Saturday. The planes and their pilots are just fantastic. The sound and the smell of these jets are as close to the real thing as one can get. One of the pilots, Christian Melgaard, has a 3,5m long F-104 under construction. We are looking forward to the first flight.

Photo series



16. march 07
Annual convention

The annual convention took place in the officer´s mess Bodø air station Friday 9. mar 07. The spirit among our dedicated members is high. With the backing of 240 members and the resources given to us from Italy, the work with 637 will be intensified during 2007.

19. jan 07

17th of January 07 marks a milestone for our organisation as well as for project "637". With the support of the RNoAF and 335 sqd we finally have the much wanted spareparts in Norway. Friends of Starfighter was represented by Col.(ret) Jonn Bekkevold who also handed over the Enigma code machine on behalf of The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum. The spareparts are temporarely stored at Gardermoen and will be transported to Bodø ASAP. The support from the Italian Air Force has been of great importance. We hope that this cooperation will be continued in the future. Photo series

21. dec 06
Merry Christmas to all of you

Friends of Starfighter wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have made great progress in our work during 2006. However; we expect to accelerate the work with our beautiful CF-104 in the year to come. In January, we will fly in pallets of valuable spareparts given to us by our supporters in Italy.

We hope that our international members will continue to support our work in 2007. Hopefully, we will be able to invite you to Bodø for a 104-reunion one day!!!

25. oct 06

Our organisation has, for quite some time, been working closely with the Italian Air Force concerning export/import of F-104 spareparts. The way leading to approval has been long, which is understandable since DoD approval in both countries has been necessary. We are, as of today, happy and proud to announce that the approval for export/import of spareparts has been given. This will give the work in making 637 ready for flight a major push forward. Our goal is to have all the parts stored in Bodø within the end of 2006.


New layout of our website

After months of preparation we are now finally opening up our website with a new layout. Our goal is to make the site more interesting, not only as far as the 104-project is concerned, but also bringing you an easier access to other information about the Norwegian Air Force. It will also be easier to bring you up to date information concerning 637 Joining our website-crew is Tom Svendsen. Tom is in his daily work busy at FLO Kjeller, the logistic main base for the RNoAF. He has over the years, acquired a big collection of photos of various aircrafts used in the RNoAF which he will share with us If any of you out there have pictures of RNoAF aircrafts that you would like to share with us, please let us know.

637, current status.

The machine is still safely at rest in the shelter in Bod¿ The development has been very slow during the last year. This is mainly due to the fact that our negotiations with the Italian Air Force concerning spare parts has not been brought to a final solution. These discussions has taken more time than anticipated. However, we are still optimistic in the matter. If we succeed here, a better timeframe can be worked out. 637 is an ideal airframe for the purpose of flying, we simply could not find a better machine


During the first half of 2006, our members in Bod¿ have been busy renovating the old gateguard F-104 in Bod¿. This airframe is originally an ex-Luftwaffe 104. Due to corrosion it was taken down from itÕs post some years ago. 132 Airwing gave the restoring job to "Friends of Starfighter". Excellently led by Kjell Elvemo, the job was finished on time. The official handover took place 1st June in beautiful summer weather. The Airwing invited our members to a celebration ceremony in the officers mess later in the afternoon. The even was covered by the local media, newspaper and TV.

Newspaperarticle (norw)

Local TV-report (norw)